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One Piece: 5 Forgotten Facts About Luffy’s Gomu Gomu No Mi Power

Luffy, who is currently the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, has rubber power. How far is Luffy's rubber strength?


EMPATPAGI.COM- Having a body made of rubber may not seem like a force to be reckoned with, but we have seen Monkey D. Luffy use this ability in spectacular ways. Luffy's own imagination is as flexible as his body, he can create a shape that always makes fans guess with the creativity that Luffy has against the challenges he faces.

5 Forgotten Facts About Luffy’s Gomu Gomu No Mi Power

5. The Gomu Gomu No Mi Power Absorbs Impact Damage


Luffy will not suffer the bodily damage that is usually suffered when someone falls from a height. The power of the Gomu Gomu No Mi turns the user's entire body into rubber, which naturally absorbs the damage caused by the shock caused by the impact of the body touching the floor.

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Luffy can survive falling from any height, and he can still stand back up and continue fighting. His strength allows him to be able to do battle in dangerous fields.

The power of Gomu Gomu No Mi makes Luffy resistant to bullet attacks, and most of the bullets used in the One Piece world are round bullets. Because the bullets used were not sharp, the bullets fired at Luffy were able to be repelled by him at the same speed.

4. The Gomu Gomu No Mi Power Is Resistant To Water &Electricity Pressure


Rubber has a natural immunity to electricity, and this gives Luffy an advantage against enemies who use electric power during battle. During his fight against Enel, Luffy did not hesitate to engage in close combat and hit Enel without fear of repercussions. Luffy knew he wouldn't take any bodily damage when fighting Enel.

The power of Gomu Gomu No Mi also has resistance to water pressure, this allows Luffy to fight even if he is surrounded or submerged by water. Normally, Devil Fruit users shouldn't be able to survive underwater, whereas Luffy has the ability to store enough air bubbles to survive for a short while. In addition, he has a soft body, which makes him able to withstand the pressure of the water on the seabed.

3. The Gomu Gomu No Mi Power Uses Physics To Pack Powerful Punches


Maybe we've heard the term "Potential Energy" when we studying Physics, this is the main reason why Luffy is so capable of fighting using only his body. Although the fighting strategy he used was generally close combat, he was able to stretch the various limbs to the breaking point, thus building up potential energy like a spring.

This strategy deals with high-speed blows with long-range impact, and these hits can often destroy opponents who can't dodge this attack. The enemies who try to stretch or twist Luffy's body will find that their attacks are completely useless. However, there is a limit to how far Luffy can stretch his body.

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If Luffy stretches his body too far, then Luffy can experience bleeding and additional side effects such as it take a while to return his body to its original form. When fighting with a fast-moving opponent, this can be very dangerous, as the moment he returns his stretched body back to his original form makes him vulnerable to attacks.

The power of the Gomu Gomu No Mi apparently does not provide resistance to fire, ice, or slashing attacks. Cold temperatures can limit the stretching length of his body, and make him vulnerable to body shattering, while fire attacks can melt Luffy's body.

2. The Gomu Gomu No Mi Power Can Increase Blood Flow


Although Luffy's Gomu Gomu No Mi power can turn his body into rubber, his blood remains unaffected, which is a very significant advantage for Luffy. Luffy can stretch his blood vessels wider so that he can increase the speed of blood flow throughout his body, this allows him to move faster and fight harder.

Although this can result in a rapid loss of body energy and make parts of the body as red as an angry lobster, this technique also turns out to be able to activate the use of Haki on the limbs, creating a stronger attack.

1. The Gomu Gomu No Mi Power Inflates Luffy's Bones &Organs

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Luffy is also able to increase his body stretch, enlarging different parts of his body to create a more powerful attack. This is done by inflating the bones and muscles, turning the arm or leg very large to create a more powerful punch.

This seems to also apply to his lungs, when Luffy faced the poisonous breath from Marigold, Luffy took a deep breath to produce a large gust of wind that was able to clean the air of poison. Luffy's stomach also seems to be able to stretch far beyond normal humans, and maybe this is what makes his appetite very big.

A pliable stomach makes it capable of not only holding large amounts of food but also much faster digestion, resulting in an insatiable hunger!

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