8 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Calvin Ellis Superman

The rumors of an upcoming Superman movie may feature a black Superman for the first time, here we are going to talk about interesting facts about Superman's Calvin Ellis.


EMPATPAGI.COM- Rumors from an upcoming Superman film will likely feature a black Superman for the first time. One of the characters that might appear is Calvin Ellis, Superman from Earth-23.

Maybe Calvin Ellis could be the perfect character for the film, even if he did have a scene with Henry Cavill, Clark Kent, it would be spectacular.

Calvin Ellis is a Superman character who is very inspiring, ambitious, and would be a great character to see in the next Superman films. DC Comic fans would be delighted if Warner Bros Studio actually made this decision.

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Calvin Ellis Superman

8. Black Superman


This Superman character created by Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke, Calvin Ellis made his first appearance in 2009 at Final Crisis. He is part of the Superman multiverse team that got together to help Clark defeat the Monitor.

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Although Calvin is not the first Black Superman to appear in the comics, he is by far the most popular (unless we count John Henry Irons aka Steel, who took over as Superman after his death in Death of Superman).

7. President of USA


Calvin Ellis spreads inspiration and leads the people of his planet and becomes President of the United States. Calvin feels this is the best way to lead people and make real change in his country.

In addition, he is still Superman and keeps his identity a secret. There's a lot to do with one person, but lucky Calvin Ellis is one of the best Superman in the multiverse.

6. Leading Super Heroes in the Multiverse


Headquartered in the House of Heroes, Calvin Ellis leads a group of heroes whose goal is to protect the entire multiverse. Justice Incarnate is a superhero made up of heroes from all corners of the multiverse.

In the recent Infinite Frontier # 0, Barry Allen has been chosen to join this group of heroes and explore a new omniverse, even now Calvin Ellis is still at the forefront of leading superheroes to defend the entire galaxy from threats.

5. Brainiac Helping Calvin Ellis at the Presidential Palace


Meanwhile, in Main-Earth Brainiac plays the main villain who becomes Superman's enemy, in Earth-23 he is Calvin's most trusted assistant. He helps Superman run the country as the main staff assisting him in the office. She helps Calvin when he's not doing his Superman duties.

4. Michael B Jordan Wants To Play Calvin Ellis


Back in 2019 when the idea of ​​a black Superman film was first presented to fans, fans immediately gave their opinion that Michael B Jordan should be the star of the film.

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Of course, people immediately asked Jordan if he wanted to be involved in the new Superman movie. In talking to Oprah, Michael stated that if he was going to play Superman, he would really like to play the role of Calvin Ellis.

3. Calvin Ellis Is A Boxer


While Clark Kent tends to rely on his innate strength and fighting abilities, Calvin Ellis has actually trained as a boxing athlete, making him the best fighter in the tough battles that confront him. Grant Morrison even said that Muhammad Ali was the inspiration when he created the Calvin Ellis character.

2. Win A Fight Against Superdoomsday

There is a large company making their own superhuman with the aim of destroying another Superman from the multiverse, which is nicknamed Superdoomsday.

When the monster came to planet Earth Calvin, Calvin and Lex Luthor were able to beat Superdoomsday back to the portal where he came from and make Superdoomsday's body shredded.

1. Leading the Justice League on his Planet


Apart from being President, the leader of Justice Incarnate, Calvin also leads the Justice League on his home planet, Earth-23. He is Superman who bears every responsibility assigned to him.

Her Justice League features Nubia as Wonder Woman, who recently appeared in Future State. He also owns Vixen, Batman, and Black Lightning. This group is the Justice League, which is much more diverse than the Justice League on Main-Earth.

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