Charlotte Katakuri

One Piece: 9 Facts Every Fan Should Know About Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri is one of Big Mom's children in the One Piece story, here are 9 facts from Katakuri that fans should know!


EMPATPAGI.COM- Charlotte Katakuri was first introduced in the One Piece story as an antagonist to the Whole Cake Island arc. He is considered to be the backbone of the Big Mom Pirates and the only person that the Big Mom Pirate crew highly respects.

Katakuri is one of Big Mom's many children, Katakuri is very strong and is a match for Luffy in his obstacle to becoming the Pirate King.

9 Facts Every Fan Should Know About Charlotte Katakuri

9. What His Position In The Crew Is


Katakuri is undoubtedly the most important member of the Big Mom Pirates after Yonko Big Mom itself. Katakuri is also one of the strongest members of the crew, he now fills the position as a member of Big Mom's Sweet Commanders.

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Katakuri has the same authority as Smoothies and Crackers. Even so, he tends to take over some of the more important decisions than the rest of the crew.

8. Where He Was Born


Charlotte Katakuri was not born in Totland. She was born 48 years ago on November 25 when Big Mom went out to sea with the Rocks Pirates across the seas of the Grand Line.

According to the information contained on Katakuri's Vivre Card, he was born on a ship that was not currently in Totland. He returned to Totland at a fairly young age, as seen in his brief flashback in One Piece chapter 902.

7. What The Story Behind His Scars Is


Charlotte Katakuri is known to have scars around both sides of her mouth. The story of how he got the scar is not mentioned in the anime or manga story.

According to information obtained from his Vivre Card, Katakuri accidentally tore his mouth at the age of 5 by putting too many donuts in his mouth at once.

6. What The Reason Behind The Scarf Is


During the Whole Cake Island arc, Charlotte Katakuri covered her mouth with a scarf. Initially, many assumed that he was insecure about his appearance, however, when his fight with Luffy ended, it was revealed that he was doing this to protect his family.

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Because of his appearance, the Katakuri family was often the target of harassment by enemies, and once one day, after Brulee was badly injured, he chose to hide all his insecurities and tried to be the perfect older brother for his younger siblings and was also feared by every enemy.

5. What His Occupation And Residence Is


Charlotte Katakuri has grown up to be a great man and has served as Minister of Flour in the Big Mom Pirate Crew. Currently, he lives on Komugi Island, which is one of the many islands in the territory of Totland.

Regarding the specifics of what Katakuri did as the Minister of Flour, it is almost never told in the One Piece story. His role as one of the Sweet Commanders and the strongest subordinate of Big Mom is much more important in the Whole Cake Island arc.

4. How Much His Bounty Is


Charlotte Katakuri has a large bounty and this was first revealed to fans during the Tea Party in the Whole Cake Island arc. Katakuri has a bounty of 1,057,000,000 berries at that time he is the character with the highest bounty value known in the story.

This is especially impressive because Katakuri himself doesn't often leave Whole Cake Island. The crew more often assigns fighters like Tamago and Pekoms to carry out a mission.

3. What His Devil Fruit Power Is


Like most of the other Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri also has Devil Fruit powers related to food. Katakuri is known to be able to create, manipulate, and transform into Mochi at will. His Devil Fruit power is very similar to Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi.

2. Why His Devil Fruit Is Special


Katakuri's Mochi Mochi no Mi Devil Fruit is unlike any other Devil Fruit that has been introduced in the One Piece series so far. Katakuri's Devil Fruit is the rarest of all the Devil Fruits that are scattered throughout the ocean. Although originally thought of as a Logia-type, Katakuri's Mochi Mochi no Mi Devil Fruit is a Special Paramecia-type.

The reason why it is called special is that Katakuri's Paramecia Devil Fruit ability has Logia-like characteristics. Katakuri's Devil Fruit allows him to create, control, and transform himself into Mochi, thereby giving this Paramecia Devil Fruit the advantage of being Logia-type.

1. What His Biggest Strength Is


Even though Katakuri has a Devil Fruit that is quite special and has extraordinary physical strength, Katakuri still has a powerful strategy in battle, namely Future Vision Observation Haki.

After battling several formidable fighters, Katakuri has managed to train his Observation Haki in such a way that he can effectively see the seconds into the future itself. Thanks to this power, Katakuri held the legendary record of being invincible throughout his life until he was defeated by Luffy.

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