Naruto: 9 Hidden Facts about Konan, a Female Member of Akatsuki!

There are several facts about Konan from the Naruto series that many fans may still not know about.


EMPATPAGI.COM-As the only female member of Akatsuki, Konan acted as Pain's partner during the Pain Invasion arc. Konan has a unique jutsu using paper and making origami to attack his enemies, he is also an S-rank ninja.

However, despite his death caused by Tobi, still not much is known about him. Fortunately, there are some details that were revealed by Kishimoto-sensei about Konan. Let's discuss 9 hidden facts about Konan, the only female member of Akatsuki!

9 Hidden Facts about Konan, a Female Member of Akatsuki

9. She's Older Than Fans Think


Although Konan seems to have the youthful appearance of an adult in his 20s, Konan is actually 35 years old. Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko met the Sannin when they were children, and at that time Orochimaru was still living in the village of Konoha. Konan is one of the longest-lived ninja in Naruto, but she died early during the half-way story of Naruto, during the Pain Invasion arc.

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8. She Was A Sensory Type Ninja


The Hyuuga and Uchiha clans were not the only clans who were able to sense and see chakra. Konan is a sensory-type ninja, meaning he can detect enemy chakra and can sense impending danger.

As a sensory-type ninja, Konan is also able to detect chakra from a distance, making him a very formidable opponent in battle. Unfortunately, this is not explored further as it should be and is left to be used only for certain periods of time.

7. She Was Never A Missing-Ninja


Akatsuki consists of ninja who defected and left their village, but Konan or Nagato was not ninja who defected their own village. Konan and Nagato were never branded like that.

6. She Studied Tobi's Kamui To Kill Him


Before Kamui was known by its official name, characters called it a space-time jutsu. Every time Tobi uses this jutsu, the characters won't know how to react if hit by this attack, causing them to be very afraid of Tobi. However, Konan had a different response and reaction.

Konan studied Tobi's Kamui so he could kill him one day because he was sure Tobi had misled Akatsuki. He understood Kamui so well that Tobi had to rely on Izanami to outsmart and defeat Konan in battle.

5. She Shares Her Birthday With Yahiko


Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan were orphans of the Second Shinobi World War. However, Konan did have a birthday before his parents were killed, namely on February 20.

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Interestingly, Yahiko has a birthday exactly on February 20th, making them both have the same birth date. Konan also had the same blood type O as Yahiko, as if Kishimoto-sensei had been planning this all along.

4. Her Favorite Food Was Flame-Broiled Fish


Every character, no matter how big or small they are, is sure to have their favorite food. Konan's favorite food is grilled fish, this information is listed in the Naruto Databook.

The Databook released information about Konan's least favorite food, karaage. Karaage is the Japanese way of cooking various foods by frying food in oil.

3. She Had More Screen Time In The Anime


Konan is not shown much in the anime when compared to other characters, in fact, it turns out that for the manga portion, he appears less. Although Konan's true intentions were unknown until after Nagato sacrificed himself, the two of them were hardly known in the manga before they were defeated by Tobi. Because Konan is more often featured in the anime, more fans are disappointed with his death.

2. She Enjoyed Origami And Flower Pressing


Konan's jutsu allows him to use paper to defeat his opponents. However, he actually really enjoyed making origami and the like with the jutsu he had before the war and he lost his family.

Konan's hobby, as stated in the Naruto Databook, is making origami and forming flowers. Her hobby fits her character well, as she always has light blue flowers in her hair.

1. She Was Implied To Be In Love With Yahiko


As shown in Naruto chapter 511. Yahiko found Konan, and they worked together to survive when they were children. This is an understandable reason why Konan could fall in love with him, as well as his personality.

It is a pity that Yahiko's life was so short, as he might have directed Akatsuki in a different direction. Konan also indicated that he was willing to believe in Naruto because he looked so much like Yahiko.

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