Adam Warlock

Marvel: Adam Warlock 6 Facts Everyone Should Know About

Adam Warlock is an incredibly powerful being of the Marvel Universe. Here's what everyone needs to know about him.


EMPATPAGI.COM-When it comes to the Marvel universe, there are tons of characters who have superpowers in the multiverse. All of these characters ranging from Spider-Man to one of the strongest creatures like Thanos. But there is one character who surpasses all superheroes, and perhaps even more than Thanos.

The creature's name was Adam Warlock, and his abilities were practically far from anything anyone had ever seen. Here are 6 facts about Adam Warlock that every Marvel Comics fan should know.

Adam Warlock 6 Facts Everyone Should Know About

6. Created By Stan Lee &Jack Kirby


Like many other characters in the Marvel universe, the Adam Warlock character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They were both pioneers who brought the Marvel universe to life and created many iconic characters for the Marvel comics.

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5. Resurrecting Himself from the Dead


The reason why Adam Warlock was so strong and feared was that he was basically a very strong figure. Adam was able to raise himself from the dead, and he is also known as the Avatar of Life which allows him to become a balance from the cosmic and against Avatars of Deaths like Thanos.

4. He Was Created, Not Born


Unlike other most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, Adam is actually an artificial being created through a cocoon. Even so, the purpose of being created was to create a perfect human being.

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Far different from Captain America, who has been considered to be at the pinnacle of human perfection, it turns out that there is still Adam Warlock who is much stronger and more perfect than Captain America.

3. He Was Originally Nameless


When Adam was first introduced to Marvel Comics, he never actually had a name. Adam is simply referred to as "Him". However, as the character started to get more development, he eventually got a name of his own.

Adam first got the name "Warlock" from High Evolutionary. Finally, he got the name "Adam" from three teenagers on Earth. This gave him a name and title which is known to many today.

2. The Embodiment of the Soul Stone


Although in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the soul stone is in Vision, the stone itself is actually identical to the character of Adam Warlock. Adam actually had a symbiotic relationship with the stone itself. Adam was known to be immune to the power of the soul stone itself. Not only that, but this bond also allowed Adam to know where the soul stone itself was. Adam himself is also said to be the strongest user of soul stones.

1. He Has An Interesting Relationship With Thanos


Due to his status as an Avatar or Champion of Life, it is only natural that he has an interesting relationship with Thanos. However, even though the two of them clashed frequently, they did not hate each other.

In fact, in certain cases, the two have been shown to be friends. Although, this relationship was more like an enemy situation. Rather than Thanos, it seems that the character Magus is more of a mortal enemy to Adam.

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