Anime: Here Are The 7 Most Great Drifter in Initial D!

Hachiroku is Gone?! Nani? Kansai Doriftto!


EMPATPAGI.COM- Everyone knows that Initial D contains the legendary JDM 90 car, representing the heyday of Japanese manufacturers in the automotive realm, the cars that appear in Initial D are certainly not ordinary cars. Not only cars, but Initial D also introduced the art of drifting to all corners of the world, if in the real world there was Keiichi Tsuchiya who was nicknamed the Drift King, then who was the Drift King in Initial D ?!

7.Hojo Rin: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

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The man who was nicknamed the Shinigami was the upperclassman of Takahashi Ryosuke during his medical school. Both Ryosuke and Rin are involved in a love triangle that sacrifices the girl they like. This, causes both of them to run away from their lives.

Rin chose to become the ruler of Hakone with the nickname Shinigami, his brutal driving style made anyone who passed through the streets of Hakone a victim, Rin was also able to rival Ryosuke's abilities when they had a match between life and death, although, in the end, Ryosuke won.

6. Takahashi Keisuke: Mazda RX-7 FD3S

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We all know that Keisuke's potential is very great, but who knows why the potential itself is not shown too much in Initial D. Keisuke is a Project D ace just like Takumi, both of them were able to control the Kanto area to beat all the riders there until finally, Keisuke became a professional racer. , of course, that reason is enough to make Keisuke on the list of the greatest Drifter!

5. Takahashi Ryosuke: Mazda RX-7 FC3S

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Maybe without the Ryosuke Project D would not be able to win all their matches and set a perfect record. Ryosuke is the brain of everything, not only smart as a driver, but he is also reliable as an analyst who is able to analyze the potential of the car to the driver.

Ryosuke always did the right calculations for Takumi and Keisuke's needs, so that the two aces were able to win the race according to his predictions. However, unfortunately, Ryosuke decided to retire from the track, positioning himself to educate the superior seeds in Gunma to become Drifters like Takumi and Keisuke.

4.Fujiwara Takumi: Toyota Trueno AE86

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The protagonist of this series, yep, Takumi is definitely on the list. Conquering Gunma in just a year with a perfect record, and defeating many racers who use reliable cars with natural abilities, certainly makes Takumi a formidable candidate to become the Drift King.

Takumi's natural talent, plus the talent he got while going down Akina hill, won't be easy for anyone to follow. So that makes him the strongest on the mountain roads. Many have asked where Takumi was after Project D was over? Takumi decides to become a Rally racer in England and win the WRC! (Read MF Ghost!)

3. “The Foot of God”- Hoshino Kozo: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec NUR

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Kozo Hoshino already owned three other GT-R models before his current R34, an R32, and R33 he wasn't satisfied with, another R32, before finally buying up his R34 Nür. Hoshino is a veteran member of the Ibaraki-based team, Purple Shadow, which has been nicknamed God Foot (or God's Foot) for its ability to carry the GT-R despite its weight and its ATTESA-ETS brake system.

During Project D's visit to Ibaraki, Hoshino was arranged to fight Keisuke Takahashi in tough battles, even though Hoshino lost we were sure that when there was a rematch he could surpass Keisuke!

2. "The God's Hand's" - Dr. Toshiya Joshima: Honda S2000

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Toshiya Joshima is a veteran member of the Purple Shadow team based in Ibaraki. He was nicknamed the Hand of God (also Arm of God) due to his ability to control his car at an expert level while only having one hand on the steering wheel, with the other on the shift stick.

During a Project D visit to the Tsukuba Fruit Path, Joshima and his fellow Purple Shadow veteran Kozo Hoshino choose to battle Project D racer on their own. Joshima is ready to take on Takumi Fujiwara on the slopes. Takumi started the first round in the lead, with Joshima following behind. Joshima managed to stay with Takumi until the end of the course, with the race continuing through the second round. With Joshima at the front, Takumi was finally able to see Joshima's ability to change the course of the best race, but he managed to keep pace with Joshima.

Takumi himself even admitted that if there was a rematch, he might lose. Joshima's abilities don't seem easy to get by anyone.

1. Fujiwara Bunta: Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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He is the original driver of the mysterious "white ghost Akina" AE86 Sprinter Trueno who holds the record for fastest downtime in Akina. Bunta has a unique way to train his son to drive - every morning when Takumi delivers tofu. Bunta gave Takumi a glass of water which was placed in the drink holder;Takumi shouldn't spill a single drop while he was driving. This is ostensible to prevent damage to the tofu in the trunk, but it forces Takumi to drive very smoothly. As for Bunta, he is still considered the best downhill racer in Akina, which is shown at the start of the series when he pushes Trueno with Yuichi Tachibana in the passenger seat, lighting a cigarette while hovering around a corner.

Later in the series, Takumi used Trueno more than Bunta, so he gave in car to Takumi. While testing his new Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type R Version V at Akina, he beat his son, so 4WD complex in Takumi.