ARMY Only, 8 Super adorable BT21 characters!

BT21 is a character made by BTS who is super adorable. Of the 8 characters, who is your favorite?

BT21 by BTS

COFFEEPERDAY.COM - What is BT21? Most of you probably already know what BT21 is, but for those of you who don't know, We will explain. BT21 is a collaborative character from LINE Friends with a boy band from South Korea, BTS. BT21 consists of 8 adorable characters created by BTS members. Each BTS member participates actively in the entire process of creating BT21 characters and also BT21 names.

BT21 Meaning

8 Character BT21 by BTS
8 Character BT21 by BTS
This collection of characters is called BT21 with the hope that BTS will achieve its dream of becoming UNIVERSTAR, short for Universal Star which means a global star in the 21st century.

Not just pictures, these 8 super adorable BT21 characters also have their own characteristics.

BT21 Characters Made by BTS

1. Cooky - Jungkook

cooky - jungkook
cooky - jungkook

This pink rabbit with one folded ear is made by maknaeBTS, Jungkook. Cooky has unique eyebrows and a heart-shaped butt.

Even though she looks cute, Cooky is actually very diligent in doing work out because she wants a muscular body.

2. Tata - V / Taehyung

Tata - Taehyung
Tata - Taehyung

Tata created by V alias Taehyung is a creature from planet BT who is always curious about anything that is outside his planet.

On his way, Tata accidentally landed on earth. Tata is very confident and always claims to be handsome and has a desire to become superstars on earth.

The character who has a red heart-shaped head embarks on a journey to stardom with 6 other members in a group called BT21.

3. Chimmy - Jimin

8 BT21 Characters Made by BTS - Chimmy - JiminPhoto of BT21 Chimmy - JiminBeing born with passion and trying hard at everything is the trait of Jimin's character.

In addition, Chimmy has a narcissistic nature and admits that he is the "King of Talents".

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Bright yellow with a tongue that always stuck out, Chimmy felt that his ears that waved in the wind were the most charming of him.

4. Koya - RM

Koya - RM
Koya - RM
Koya is a blue character made by leaderBTS, RM. Koya is a smart figure but always looks sleepy and can fall asleep in any style.

He admitted that actually he was not asleep, but was thinking and thinking again.

5. Mang - J-Hope

Mang - J-Hope
Mang - J-Hope

Mang is a purple character who always wears a blue horse mask with a heart-shaped nose.

This character made by J-Hope is “Dancing King”who is very good at dancing. Mang wanted to be called a 'dancing machine'.

6. Shooky - Suga

Shooky - Suga
Shooky - Suga
Shooky is a magic cake that has super powers. This brown character made by Suga admits that he is very sweet.

He said that he was not a cookie. He is a very delicious Shooky! Even though he said that, Shooky really hates milk, especially when he is spilled milk, panic is incredible!

7. RJ - Jin

RJ - Jin
RJ - Jin

8 BT21 Characters Made by BTS - RJ - JinBT21 Pictures Made by BTS - RJ - JinIf Tata comes from the planet BT, then RJ comes from Machu Picchu. This character made by Jin always wears a red scarf that he bought from his hometown.

RJ, who has a white body, can chew anything, in other words his hobby is eating.

8. Van

Van - BT21
Van - BT21

Van is a space robot that came from the planet BT along with Tata. Van always protects 7 other characters from various dangers while they are on earth.

Van is a character that represents ARMY, the name for BTS fans who always support them.

BT21 Social Media Accounts

BT21 also has official accounts from various social media, you know. An example is his Instagram account at @ bt21_official. This account has a number of followers reaching 4.1 million, you know!

BT21 also has a Twitter account with a total of 5.2 million followers. They actively share posts about the lives of BT21 characters. The posts are so cute! Must follow!

Official Merchandise BT21

BT21 also has official merchandise that you can buy to fulfill your collection as ARMY.

You can buy it through the official BT21 website or you can search it in several marketplaces. But be careful, Woop Ladies, because there are cases that sell counterfeit merchandise out there.

In addition, BT21 also has an official Line Sticker. So for those of you who have a Line account, you can buy the BT21 Character stickers. The price is also quite cheap.

So, out of the 8 super adorable BTS BT21 names, which BT21 character is your favorite?