Armin Arlet

Attack on Titan: 8 Hidden Facts Fans Didn't Know About Armin!

Armin is one of Attack On Titan's iconic characters, and it turns out that there are some hidden facts about Armin.


EMPATPAGI.COM-The Attack on Titan series is Shonen's best-selling series to date. The creator of this series, Hajime Isayama, is a genius when it comes to storytelling, world-building, and the characters of the series.

Talking about characters, AoT has several iconic characters that are well known among fans. The characters that appear also feel like real people. Armin Arlet is one of the most underrated characters in the series. He has done a lot for the reconnaissance team.

Armin may not be one of the strongest warriors, but he is very helpful in other fields. Armin is very intelligent, level-headed, and a loyal friend. There are also some interesting facts about his character that fans may not be aware of.

8 Hidden Facts Fans Didn't Know About Armin

8. Armin Killed A Human Before He Actually Killed A Titan


Armin hasn't technically killed a Titan yet, but in season 3 episode 2, Armin shot Kenny Ackerman. Armin was very traumatized by the incident, and he kept vomiting because of it. Armin is solely dedicated to killing Titans, which he's technically never before done. So, it only made sense that shooting Kenny Ackerman had traumatized him a little.

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This incident also surprised many fans. Nobody ever thought Armin would kill someone. If Eren killed another human it wouldn't be surprising. We've seen Eren do just that. However, Armin is another story.

7. The Reason For His Name


There is an interesting reason why Isayama chose Armin Arlet's full name as his character name. He felt that Armin's name sounded like the word "aluminum".

Writers often have funny reasons why they give certain names to the characters they create, this is the same for a mangaka. Isayama also stated he chose this full name for Armin because it was easier to remember.

6. His Birthday


Armin has a birthday on November 3 which coincides with Culture Day in Japan. This holiday is held to enliven things such as academics, fine arts, and culture. The mangaka also tends to give birthdays to characters that are created based on certain big days.

For example, Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece has a birthday on May 5 which coincides with Children's Day in Japan. Luffy has a childish curiosity, and it just makes perfect sense.

5. Armin’s Interest In The Outside World


Armin and Eren have an affinity for the beach, even though they are both born inside the wall and separated from the outside world. Grandpa Armin used to give him a book when he was young, this book tells what is behind the walls. This is the only reason why Armin and Eren have such a strong bond. They both have the same dream of seeing the world.

Eren and Armin kept looking at the book and imagined what it would be like to live outside the walls. This book is actually considered illegal for someone to own, but how did Grandpa Armin get this book?

4. Never Made It Into The Top Ten Of His Graduating Class


In spite of his high intelligence, Armin strangely didn't pass the top in his training corps class. This ranking was apparently based on the students' performance in battle.

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Armin is the only scout in Levi's squad, and he is not in the top ten of his graduating class. This is still surprising because Eren is in the top five of his graduation class, even though Eren is not much better than Armin when it comes to fighting.

3. He’s In The Top Five In Academics 


Armin is a man who can come up with brilliant plans, it's no surprise he graduated in the top five of the 104 people in the Academic Training Corps. It's true that Armin isn't the strongest fighter, but he's a great strategist.

Armin also expressed the idea to use Titan Eren as a weight to cover the Rose Wall. With this idea, Titan will be prevented from entering the city. Armin was also the first to find out that Annie was a Female Titan. Besides that, Armin also arranged the plan to trap Annie.

2. His Name Has Multiple Meanings


The name Armin is a name from German with many meanings such as, "whole", "universal", "warrior", and "warrior". Given the fact that Armin is indeed a soldier, Isayama probably chose this name for that reason.

1. How His Parent’s Died


Armin relates that his parents died on a mission to reclaim Wall Maria. According to the Attack on Titan Encyclopedia, it was revealed that Armin's parents were executed after trying to leave the wall via a hot air balloon. This has been mentioned in the anime. In episode 2 of season 3, Djel Sannes once confessed to killing a couple who tried to escape using a hot air balloon.

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