Bad Meaning? Here are 6 Complete Meanings from Dream of Carrying a Baby

Dream of carrying a baby even though you don't have a baby yet? What does that mean?

Woman Carrying A Baby ( Paukshtite)

COFFEEPERDAY.COM - Babies are a symbol of innocence, tenderness, love and new beginnings. In addition, babies are often defined as purity, vulnerability and helplessness. Dreaming about a baby can sometimes indicate a part of the personality that is not sufficiently developed.

As we know, babies are really unable to take care of themselves and they only depend on the help and protection of adults, so dreams of carrying a baby often reveal several problems related to one's sense of responsibility and protective drive.

However, not all dreams of holding a baby have the same meaning, some of which often represent negative symbols for the dreamer. Furthermore, here are some dreams of holding a baby

Dream Meaning of Carrying a Baby

1. Dream of holding a baby boy

Woman In White Robe Carrying Baby
Woman In White Robe Carrying Baby ( Shvets)

Dreaming of holding a baby boy is a good sign and is likely to indicate success.

Sometimes, this dream shows that we will have good luck in terms of romance.

In some cases, holding a baby boy in a dream can be a sign of several health problems, and it is advisable to pay more attention to physical conditions.

2. Dream of holding a baby girl

Woman Carrying A Baby
Woman Carrying A Baby ( Garcia)

If you dream of carrying a baby girl, this dream is usually a sign of worry, and can signify quarrels and discord in the days to come.

In addition, this can also be a sign of health problems that you will experience in the future.

In some cases, holding a baby girl in a dream can be a sign of obstacles at work or in a career, as well as a marker in relationships in search of new job opportunities.

But it's not always negative, holding a baby girl also shows good changes from friends or people you trust.

3. Dream of holding a sleeping baby

Unconditional love of the mother
Unconditional love of the mother (Unsplash/Isaac Quesada)

To dream of a baby sleeping on the lap is an indicator of a life that is peaceful and without worries.

This reflects the content of thoughts and passive behavior of oneself in real experience.

In religion, dreams of holding a sleeping baby are often considered a bearer of good news, which indicates that we will receive unexpected fortune or fortune.

4. Dream of holding a crying baby

Crop Father In Eyewear Holding Moody Baby In Hands In Studio
Crop Father In Eyewear Holding Moody Baby In Hands In Studio ( Shvets)

A baby's cry in a dream refers to a part of the self that is not getting enough attention.

This dream can be a symbol of the desire to be cared for, which represents society in general or from certain individuals.

Some interpret, this may relate to fear in oneself not being able to fulfill potential, or always feeling a failure in the eyes of oneself.

5. Dream of holding a smiling baby

Unsplash/Shalev Cohen
(Unsplash/Shalev Cohen)

Unsplash / Shalev CohenHolding a happy smiling baby is a good sign that shows that you have a balanced and healthy relationship with friends and family.

This also indicates that you are not hot-headed and can live a peaceful life.

This dream can also mean that complex problems in life will soon find solutions.

6. Dream of holding a dead baby

Hair Pull
Hair Pull (Unsplash/Zach Lucero)

If you dream of carrying a dead baby, then it refers to a person who is maturing and growing over time.

It means that you become further away from childishness.

You will grow older and learn a lot to shape your personality accordingly.

That said, dreaming of carrying a dead baby is not a bad thing, because it indicates the release of old qualities from ourselves.

So, those are some of the meanings of dreams holding a baby.

Some of them contain negative meanings, but that doesn't mean we can just believe them, because not everyone will experience this in real life.

Do you believe?