Boruto: Boruto Finally Activates His Karma Mark - and the Results Are TERRIFYING

In the latest episode of the Boruto anime series, Boruto activates his Karma seal against Kara!

Boruto Finally Activates His Karma Mark - and the Results Are TERRIFYING

EMPATPAGI.COM- After the end of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, many fans thought Boruto had really defeated Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. Boruto gets a small square mark on his hand, and unfortunately, Naruto or the Konoha scientists are unable to reveal this cursed seal.

A few months later, Boruto starts hallucinating about Momoshiki, and he doesn't know the cause of it all. Now, the latest episode of the anime Boruto has revealed the fact of this seal and the potential for its terrifying power.

Boruto Finally Activates His Karma Mark - and the Results Are TERRIFYING

Boruto Activates His Karma Seal
Boruto Activates His Karma Seal

After Ao was kicked out for failing to kill Team 7 with his scientific tools, Koji Kashin decided to finish Ao's task so he could continue to save the container from Jigen's lost.

He quickly placed Boruto and the rest of the young shinobi squad in a zone of pillars of electricity that left them immobile. However, when Konohamaru tried to break through using his own sealing jutsu, they were finally able to escape safely.

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Koji finally released high-level ninjutsu, he used the Rasengan to fight Konohamaru. Konohamaru was stunned by seeing what Koji was doing because this move was something only a Konoha ninja could do, but while his attention was distracted, one of Koji's frogs clings to Konohamaru's body and burns it with fire jutsu.

This incident was a horrendous sight, with Konohamaru screaming in pain as he caught fire, but this was something Boruto had seen before, namely the time of Mugino's death.

Overpowered by emotions, Boruto accidentally activates the Karma seal on his body. Koji is surprised that only the container from Jigen should have it, but eventually, a black tattoo spreads on Boruto's body and turns his eyes blue, Koji realizes that it is Momoshiki's power flowing through Boruto.

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Boruto Activates His Flame Jutsu
Boruto Activates His Flame Jutsu

With his hand, Boruto can absorb chakra, and Koji is surprised by Boruto's ability to absorb fire. This ability is also very similar to Momoshiki's which can also suck chakra, except in Momoshiki's case, he can turn it into a Jutsu bomb and shoot the bomb at his opponent. However, Boruto's body cannot cope with the sudden body metamorphosis, and this can cause him to faint.

Koji is fascinated by the sudden activation of Boruto's Karma seal and chooses to let Team 7 just let go. He wanted to see what would happen to Boruto in the future. Konohamaru thanked Boruto for the rescue that he did, Konohamaru also wanted to worry about the new changes in Boruto's body that could have killed him.

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