Horror Anime

10 Horror Anime That Will Chill You To The Bone!

There are many scary anime but only a few that really freak us out. The following horror anime will almost certainly scare anyone who watches it.


EMPATPAGI.COM-In the horror genre, anime has a unique way of telling a scary story. Interestingly, the plot behind the horror anime story is inspired by many Japanese novels or folk tales.

With animated media, illustrators can freely bring to life a terrible concept and produce many memorable franchises for anime fans with the horror genre until this day. Here are 10 horror anime that will give you chills to the bone!

10 Horror Anime That Will Chill You To The Bone

10. Boogiepop Phantom


Boogiepop Phantom was first introduced in 2000, this anime story is set in a city that is being hit by a serial killer. Five years later, rumors have sprung up about the serial killer returning to the city.

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Boogiepop Phantom has a unique way of developing a story plot, by repeating scenes from the perspectives of different characters. This series focuses on the story of a group of high school students who recently mysteriously disappeared. This tragedy was considered an Urban Legend by the citizens, and they began to associate the murder with the Boogiepop myth.

9. Shiki


Shiki is an anime adapted from a Japanese novel of the same name, and this novel was written by Fuyumi Ono. This anime has a story set in a small Japanese town, Sotoba, where the Kirishiki family recently moved to the city.

However, after their arrival to the city, several cases of mysterious deaths occurred, and the city went into a panic. One of the main protagonists of the series, Toshio Ozaki, who runs a local hospital, begins to investigate the bizarre circumstances of the recent deaths and eventually discovers that this tragedy was caused by a vampire, also known as "Shiki".

8. Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul was first introduced in 2014, this anime series tells the story of demon cannibals who have a need to eat human flesh to survive. Ken Kaneki, the protagonist of this series, has a tragic experience when he does not know that he is dating a demon who he considers a normal human.

Due to the tragedy, Kaneki endured when he met the demon, Kaneki was hospitalized, where he underwent a surgical procedure that turned him into a "half-demon". She immediately realized that her body had been fused with several demonic organs the moment after the surgery. Therefore, Kaneki had to eat human flesh like the devils do while still trying to blend into society as a half-demon human.

7. Future Diary


The story of the anime Future Diary follows the story of 14-year-old Yukiteru Amano, who has an obsession with documenting life and current events on his cellphone.

After he experienced suspended animation, Deus, changing Amano's cellphone into a "Future Diary", Amano learned that he and eleven other participants were part of the battle royal created by Deus.

Each participant is assigned to eliminate all other opponents, and the winner will replace Deus. Not only that, whoever wins and becomes the next "God" will be responsible for preventing the coming apocalypse.

6. Parasyte


Anime Parasyte was adapted from the manga of the same title in 1988 and the manga has also been adapted into two action films. This anime is very popular among fans of the horror genre because of its disturbing plot. This anime tells the story of a 17-year-old high school student, Shinichi Izumi, who lives in Hiroshima with his parents.

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One day, a parasitic alien invades Earth and sneaks into the human brain secretly. There are aliens trying to sneak into Izumi's brain. However, Izumi woke up and made the parasite hide in Izumi's arm instead. Finally, they both form a symbiotic relationship with mutualism, with their respective abilities to think and function.

5. Another


This anime is also adapted from a novel and first aired in 2012 with a total of eleven episodes. This anime story is set at Yomiyama North Middle School, where there is a story of a popular student who died in the middle of the school year in the 1970s.

The plot of this story focuses on 1998, when the protagonist, Kouichi Sakakibara, transfers to this mysterious school and becomes suspicious of his classmates. He soon befriends an arrogant girl named Misaki, he wears a suspicious eye patch and it turns out that the name he has is the same as a popular student who died a few years ago.

4. When They Cry


When They Cry is set in the early 1980s, in a small village in Japan called Hinamizawa. The protagonist, Keiichi Maebara, who recently moved to the city, immediately becomes terrified after learning of the village's baffling death case.

Maebara's friends became mysteriously silent about the death and refused to provide any details. Mysteriously, these deaths seem to coincide with the village's annual festival, and more specifically, their patron god, Oyashiro. Maebara finally wanted to find the cause of the strange death that had hit the village.

3. Hell Girl


This anime was first released in 2005. This anime tells the story of "Hell Correspondence", a service that allows people to send their enemies directly to hell.

By accessing the website provided at midnight, the user can enter any name, and Ai Emma, ​​"Hell Girl", will do the job. However, this service comes at a hefty price as the user has to sell their souls to demons and curse them to an afterlife in hell.

2. Elfen Lied


In 2004, Arms Studio released the horror anime adaptation of Elfen Lied. In the anime's story, "Diclonii" is a mutant human species with horns protruding from their foreheads. This anime story focuses on a character named Lucy, a Diclonius who is imprisoned in a research facility prison.

During an attempt to escape from the facility, Lucy is injured and as a result, she forms a second personality of herself called Nyu. Throughout the anime series, the Special Assault Team from the research facility tries to recapture Lucy and the other Diclonii who escaped.

1. Paranoia Agent


Paranoia Agent first aired in 2004 and tells the story of a terrifying serial killer named Lil 'Slugger, who terrorizes the citizens of Tokyo. One day, on his way home, the protagonist, Tsukiki Sagi, is attacked by a mysterious boy with roller skates.

This anime has horror and thriller genres, Paranoia Agent shows the story of the desperate efforts of the townspeople to find the identity of a wandering serial killer. Little is known about Lil 'Slugger, other than a few descriptions of her appearance.

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