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Kimetsu No Yaiba: 8 Facts from Rui that Fans Should Know

Even though his role is fairly short, there are interesting facts from Rui in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


EMPATPAGI.COM- As the introduction of the twelve demonic moons of Demon Slayers, Rui appeared to play the role perfectly. He possessed powers never seen by some of the demons Tanjiro had previously fought, and he even had a family.

Perhaps the thing that stands out the most about Rui is how tragic the backstory is. Even though his role is fairly short, there are interesting facts from Rui in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Kimetsu No Yaiba: 8 Facts from Rui that Fans Should Know

8. Meeting Those He Knew While Disappearing


Rui and Akaza are two moon devils who see people they know in life disappear. This shows that even though she is very evil, Rui has a very tragic life story. His desire to have a family is a desire that is very connected with many people. The tragedy that occurred with his former family as well as his new one when he became a devil is equally sad.

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7. Demon Art Inspired By Lubbock


The similarities between Rui's blood arts and the Lubbock Cross Tail from Akame Ga Kill are numerous. The cable that Lubbock normally wore looked the same as Rui's blood thread, which was used to detect enemies and also trap someone if they got too close to the net.

The wire or thread belonging to the two of them is also hard enough to cut people. The two of them also share many similarities in fighting styles. Even their special attacks are almost the same.

6. Cell Manipulation


Like Muzan, Rui can also offer his blood to strengthen his fellow demons, granting them additional abilities and powers. Rui can also transform their bodies, turning them into the way he wants them.

This is seen in the spider demon who plays the daughter in her demon family Rui, as she is made to look like that, both in size and in appearance. This also shows how strong Rui is, even if he is just a demon of the Lower Moon.

5. Rank Engraved Into His Eye


Demon Rui's rank was engraved on his left eye, this was a painful procedure all the moon demons had to perform when Muzan created them. Interestingly, the lower moon devil has the rank engraved on one eye only while the upper moon devil has it engraved on both of them. This was a subtle way of showing that their lower moon demon was inferior, weaker than the upper moon demon.

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4. Only Lower Moon To Keep His Human Name


Muzan keeps his human name Rui, even when Rui has turned into a demon. Despite everything that happened to him and all the changes he went through both mentally and physically, Rui was always the same little kid he used to be. It is something he has always struggled with and never changes.

3. First True Demon Moon


Technically Rui is the second person Tanjiro and his friends meet because Kyogai is the first and he is ranked sixth. Rui is the first representative to show us all the power of the moon demons.

2. Symbolism Of His Hair


Even as a human, Rui had spider-like hair, black hair curled inward like spider legs. This look fits perfectly with his demon form. Rui's hair shows that as a spider demon, he will catch fellow demons in his web, forcing them to enter into the family he created himself.

1. His Fragility


Deep down, Rui is as fragile as when he was a child. He never managed to overcome his own weaknesses and was also unable to become independent. Rui always had the thought that the demon family that he created at this time should be assigned to protect Rui, this was done because his original family was considered a failure by Rui. This further exacerbates how tragic Rui's life story before he became a Devil.

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