Lifestyle: 5 Interesting Facts About Interior Design

Interior design: it is something we all do at one time or another, even if we don't choose a career path in such a field.

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EMPATPAGI.COM-Interior design: it is something we all do at one time or another, even if we don't choose a career path in such a field. Using various techniques in interior design, we can create our dream space whether we prefer a more modern or more traditional space. However, interior design is not only about how the interior of our homes looks, but also about how we feel and how functional they are.

Regardless of the role interior design plays in your life at the moment, it is interesting to consider what interior design is. It is also interesting to learn how design has evolved and changed over the years. However, most of us only know the basics of interior design when it comes to choosing complementary colors, finding furniture that looks good on one another, and using different elements to create a certain atmosphere or style in our homes.

1 - Interior Design Is Much Older Than We Think

Interior Design Of A House
Interior Design Of A House ( Popa)

We talk about interior design like it is something new or recently established. Some of us might think that interior design didn't really appear until at least the Victorian era. However, in reality, Interior Designing may have existed in prehistoric times. Some people may consider the pictures on the cave walls not only as a form of communication but also as a way of decorating the space.

If you are not considering the interior design of a cave image, you might consider what other cultures are doing. For example, older tribal cultures would decorate their mud huts with animal skins and tree branches, and the ancient Egyptians decorated their homes with painted vases, sculptures, and animal skins, and this is proof that interior design has been around for a long time!

2 - Current Interior Design Trends In One Country May Be Very Different In Another

Living Room With Rustic Theme

Although thanks to technology and transportation methods, countries around the world are basically more integrated than before, there are still big differences that each country has from one another. Interior design trends are one of them. After all, the interior design really depends on the main culture, customs, or beliefs of a country and what goods or materials are available in their country.

For example in Australia, interior design in 2019 emphasizes minimalism, bold and bold wallpapers, and pastel colors. Meanwhile, in America, minimalism emerged when maximalism emerged, floral wallpapers and moody hues appeared.

3- American actress Elsie De Wolfe (1865 - 1950) is credited for helping make interior decorating a profession!

Unsplash/Nastuh Abootalebi
(Unsplash/Nastuh Abootalebi)

Apart from being an outstanding actress, Elsie de Wolfe is also considered to be the first professional interior decorator and author of her book, The House in Good Taste. De Wolfe may not be around anymore, but his interior design style lives on. In his time, de Wolfe's interior design skills were considered refreshing yet simple.

"I believe in a lot of optimism and white paint, comfortable chairs with lamps next to them, open fireplaces in fireplaces and flowers wherever they are, mirrors and sunshine in all rooms," wrote de Wolfe. Although his style is no longer relevant today, his ability to make dimly lit places brighter and make homes more suitable and comfortable to live in is still very inspiring.

4- Having Multiple Windows In Your Interior Design Can Reduce Pain

Unsplash/Kam Idris
(Unsplash/Kam Idris)

Many of us are aware that interior design plays an important role in the way we think and feel. Some of us are aware that certain colors in interior design are more relaxing than other colors which might give us energy. Many also understand that the amount of lighting that comes into our homes can also change our mood. However, did you know that having a window in your interior design can relieve acute or even chronic pain? It is true!

Several studies conducted in various hospitals have found that when patients are placed in rooms with panoramic windows, they do not need pain medication. The main reason for this is the fact that plants and green color are very psychologically soothing. When the brain is relaxed, the body tends to follow suit. However, when a person is extremely anxious or stressed, they are more likely to experience pain (eg headache, muscle aches, chest pain), even without a medical cause.

5- Natural versus Man-Made Furniture, Which lasts longer?

Loft (Unsplash/Aaron Huber)

More than ever, we are turning to natural materials for use in our interior design such as bamboo, cork, hemp, cotton, stone, and clay. Likewise, many of us have turned away from man-made materials such as plastics, laminates, and faux leather. There's a good reason to choose natural materials over those made: they last much longer!

It makes sense why many natural materials last longer because they are usually weather-resistant, and in nature, the fibers of the materials are woven naturally rather than being forced together in factories. Apart from that, natural materials are also very trendy in interior design nowadays, and not to mention environmentally friendly, making them an excellent choice for furniture and decoration.