Silver Surfer

Marvel Comic: 7 Unique Facts from Silver Surfer!

The Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful and iconic characters in the Marvel Universe, but there are many things fans don't know about him.


EMPATPAGI.COM- The Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful and iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. As a messenger from Galactus, the Silver Surfer's job is to explore the universe in search of new planets for Galactus to devour.

The current Silver Surfer is a hero acting of his own accord and he no longer obeys Galactus. On this occasion, we will discuss 8 unique facts about the Silver Surfer and how strong he is.

7 Unique Facts from Silver Surfer

7. Doesn’t Need To Eat


The behavior of the heroes often raises some strange questions from fans. For example, why do fans never see Batman using the toilet, or sometimes we rarely see superhero characters doing some normal life routines, such as eating.

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As for a hero like the Silver Surfer, he didn't need to do things like eating, because his Power Cosmic powers were enough to keep him alive. That means if as long as the universe lasts, the Silver Surfer will continue to live.

6. Tampered Soul


When the Silver Surfer obtained Cosmic Power and was given the task of finding another planet for Galactus to devour, the Silver Surfer initially directed only the uninhabited planets to be swallowed up by Galactus.

This is done in order to prevent the death of as many as millions or billions of souls on a planet. However, Galactus realized this and damaged the Silver Surfer's soul so he didn't carry out his plan to direct Galactus to an uninhabited planet.

5. Healing Powers


The healing power is a huge element found in modern comic books, Wolverine and Deadpool being the most famous characters for their healing powers.

Silver Surfer also has different healing powers. Silver Surfer is able to heal other characters, preventing them from being injured and injured. However, he was unable to raise the dead and bring them back to life.

4. Norin Radd


Silver Surfer also has another name, before becoming a Silver Surfer, this character is a normal living creature known as Norrin Radd. In order to save his planet and his loved ones from Galactus's starvation, Norrin Radd negotiates with Galactus and eventually becomes his envoy in exchange for the safety of the planet he came from.

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3. Speed Of Light Travel


The Silver Surfer is Galactus's messenger, meaning the Silver Surfer must travel across the universe to find planets for Galactus to eat. The vastness of the universe is not a problem for him, Silver Surfer has the ability to travel faster at the speed of light.

2. Power Levels


As Galactus's envoy, the Silver Surfer derives its power from the same source as Galactus, namely Power Cosmic. This cosmic power, despite obtaining a small portion of the Silver Surfer from Galactus, makes him one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel universe.

1. Confined To Earth


In the Silver Surfer's most iconic story, he is sent to Earth to prepare the planet for Galactus to devour him. However, the Surfer was eventually convinced by the Fantastic Four to turn against Galactus, and the Surfer ended up helping save Earth from Galactus's hunger. After the Surfer saves Earth, Galactus confines the Surfer on Earth.

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