Boruto: Naruto Is Not a Jinchuriki Anymore!

Boruto chapter # 55 saw Naruto's closest friend in a heartbreaking ending.

Boruto: Naruto Is Not a Jinchuriki Anymore!

EMPATPAGI.COM-Some time ago, we were shocked by the issue of Naruto's death. When Naruto used Baryon mode against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Kurama had said that the technique would drain Naruto and make him die.

Fortunately, in chapter # 55 it turns out that Naruto doesn't die, but it turns out that on the contrary, this technique makes Kurama killed. This incident is a heartbreaking moment for Naruto fans who have followed for a long time and think that Naruto has always been attached to the Nine-Tailed Beast.

Naruto Is a Jinchuriki Anymore

Kurama (Nine-Tailed Beast)
Kurama (Nine-Tailed Beast)

Naruto was briefly taken to the astral dimension where he could communicate with Kurama, and Kurama confessed that it was time for him to say goodbye. However, she told Naruto that she would be leaving.

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At first, he said to Naruto that Baryon Mode would kill himself Naruto. Kurama himself knew that Naruto would still sacrifice himself, so he decided to trick Naruto into not doing the technique.

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It was very difficult for Naruto to say goodbye to someone who had looked after him for so long. Naruto himself had lost Jiraiya, but he could still overcome this loss, maybe when Kurama is gone fans will wonder about the mental impact Naruto felt when he lost a loved one (once again).

Kurama Leaving Naruto
Kurama Leaving Naruto

When Kurama was still wild several decades ago, he killed Naruto's parents, and finally, he was sealed in Naruto's body, they both have stories full of tragic tragedies. Not only did Naruto forgive Kurama, but Kurama also apologized to the villagers and promised to protect them with or without Naruto.

Now, Naruto must continue to fight without his best friend, Kurama himself is also considered an uncle to Boruto and Himawari. Naruto also has to protect the village of Konoha from future threats like Isshiki.

Maybe someday Naruto could use science, the latest jutsu techniques, ancient scrolls, or chakra to reconnect with Kurama, but for now, Kurama was gone.

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