One Piece: 10 Legendary Figures in the One Piece World

One Piece is one of the best Shounen series, and One Piece has made many important legendary figures who are very influential.


EMPATPAGI.COM- One Piece has shown more than once that the stories they carry are masterpieces of the best. This is evident from the series' ability to attract large audiences by creating characters or characters that make us all feel fearful and respectful, even though their forms have not yet appeared in the story. This time we will discuss 10 legendary figures in the world of One Piece.

10 Legendary Figures in the One Piece World

10. Captain John


Captain John was one of the most famous members of the Rocks Pirates and he went on to create his own pirate crew. Although not much is known about his strength or ugliness, Captain John has created a legendary story for himself that is the same as Gol D. Roger.

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This is evidenced in Buggy's own storyline, Captain John has a large treasure hidden somewhere, and the location can only be accessed via the map he has.

It is still unknown how valuable these treasures are, but it has clearly drawn attention from Buggy to undertake his entire journey. John himself must be a pretty tough pirate too because his corpse is one that Gecko Moria uses in his zombie army.

9. "Hawkeye" Dracule Mihawk


Of all the characters on this list, fans may be familiar with the name Hawkeye Mihawk, Mihawk is known by the nickname "The Greatest Swordsman in the World". His greatest accomplishment so far has been to cut through the massive ice plains during the war at Marineford.

On Kuraigana Island, Mihawk's own aura was able to conquer the intelligent baboon race that inhabited the island. One Piece itself has never shown how Mihawk fights because Mihawk himself has never had an intense battle scene.

8. Yonko Kaido


Kaido is very famous for being unable to die, whether it be stabbed by a spear, beheaded with a guillotine, or fell from the Sky Island. He also earned a reputation as "The Strongest Being in the World", he became famous for never losing a one-on-one fight. So many sensations and so many specific details from this guy. Hopefully, the fans won't have to wait too long to see the true side of a Kaido.

7. Dr. Vegapunk


Dr. Vegapunk is a leading scientist who is very mysterious. He has a very brilliant mind even since he was a child, Vegapunk has made several inventions and has created a variety of sophisticated and unique machines.

Much of his talent has been isolated and used by the World Government to complement their own military interests, but fans can see some direct influence of the Pacifista power in Franky's new body.

6. Monkey D. Dragon


Dragon still hasn't shown his true identity in the One Piece series, and people are still afraid of him. Dragon is known as the leader of the Revolutionary Army, the most wanted man by the World Government, and the father of the rising pirate (Monkey D. Luffy).

Monkey D. Dragon is able to live in the fans' imagination because he can be said to be able to defeat the Admiral, Yonko, and several other important figures.

Fans are also wondering, what exactly has he done to make himself declared the ultimate enemy of the World Government, and what his life was like before becoming a leader of the Revolutionary Army. Many fans also wonder about who Luffy's mother really is and how Dragon really feels towards Luffy.

5. Im


Im is a new mystery in the world of One Piece, and it is possible that he is the final boss of the entire One Piece series later. Although the series shows that leadership over the world is determined by representatives of the 40 kingdoms as well as the five Gorousei, it has recently been revealed that the One Piece world does have one ruler sitting in the shadow of its throne.

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4. Rocks D. Xebec


Rocks D. Xebec is a legendary character from One Piece who seems to be the most hype of most of the other characters. He was basically the senior before Roger and Whitebeard.

He used to be the captain of several well-known pirates, such as Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, Captain John, and various other mysterious big names in the pirate world.

He is a threat to the world that the World Government says needs to be completely erased in the history books, and it took the combined forces of Roger and Garp to bring him down. What was this guy really did?

3. Joy Boy


Joy Boy has a lot to do with some of the histories of Fish-Man Island and Wano Country, so the two countries really keep this man's promise. As it turns out, much of Gol D. Roger's journey is determined by following Joy Boy's hints and legends.

This trip will basically take someone to the island of Laugh Tale which is the location of One Piece. After Roger saw what Joy Boy left on the island, Roger laughed in response to the incident. What mystery has actually been revealed by a Gol D. Roger?

2. Mont Blanc Noland


Mont Blanc Noland is an adventurer who became a pioneer of all adventurers in the Grand Line today. Although most of his legends have been manipulated in children's books in today's modern world, Noland was actually a brave sailor who ventured across the oceans to make great discoveries.

Noland himself was the one who found the lost city of gold and met the dwarves of Tontatta from Dressrosa. Noland is a person who is highly respected by those who know the truth of his adventures.

1. Gol D. Roger


Gol D. Roger is a Pirate King. He has conquered all the obstacles in the Grand Line and collected huge treasures, it is said that he has reached and explored every corner of the world to get One Piece.

He is a mighty pirate who has earned the respect of Garp and other pirates. His reputation soared, even more, when he stated something shocking during the seconds of his death execution.

Roger called out to everyone about the hidden treasure of One Piece, and he told everyone to be ready to sail and chase the treasure, from that moment the times began to change and became known as the Great Age of Pirates.

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