One Piece: For a Pirate Crew, the Beast Pirates Are SUPER Organized

With a crew of over 20,000, the level of trust and organization in the Beast Pirates is one of the most impressive in all of One Piece.


EMPATPAGI.COM- Of all the Pirate crews in One Piece, the Beast Pirates are one of the most organized. Over the past 25 years, the Beast Pirates have been slowly gathering their strength in Wano Country after allying with local Shogun Kurozumi Orochi.

Under Kaido's leadership, more than 20,000 pirate members are united with a disciplined level, and also their organizational system is very organized, they all consist of several subgroups, each of which has its own duties.

For a Pirate Crew, the Beast Pirates Are SUPER Organized

Under Kaido's leadership, there are the All-Stars, a group of three of the strongest pirates. This group consists of Jack, Queen, and King, and all of them have their own titles, namely "The Drought", "The Plague", and "The Conflagration". Jack can cause massive damage that resembles a drought, Queen is skilled in biological warfare, and King can create flames from her body.

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Just like Kaido, the three of them are very large compared to the average human size in One Piece and the three of them are also Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit users. Two of the All-Stars, Jack and Queen, are shown leading their own ship. The two of them are also the group given the task with the most important mission from Kaido.


The second strongest group of the Beast Pirates is Tobiroppo, this group consists of six people consisting of Black Maria, Ulti, Page One, Who's Who, Sasaki, and previously there was also X-Drake in this team. Kaido really values ​​this group and trusts them almost like All-Stars.

Each of them will also become a replacement for the All-Stars members if one of the current All-Stars members is killed. Drake left the group after he was discovered as a Marine spy and at that time he was declared an enemy of the crew.

Each of the Tobiroppo members also turns out to be Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit users, and the three members once held the title of captain of their own crew. Tobiroppo takes orders from the All-Stars and acts as the executioner for Kaido as well as Orochi, they are tasked with defeating anyone they perceive as a threat to their cause.

Beneath Tobiroppo is Shinichi, who is made up of the elite Gifters. The Gifters serve as infantry crews and they all consist of more than 500 Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit users. These members are highly respected by Kaido as they represent his dream of creating a crew consisting of Zoan Devil Fruit users.

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Each member has a code name that matches their Zoan strength. A subgroup of Gifters is the Armored Division, led by Sasaki. This group consists of 10 percent of SMILE users whose powers are armored, such as insects, and crustaceans such as elephants or armadillos.


The Pleasures is a mid-level army crew member. They comprise 90 percent of SMILE Devil Fruit users who fail. As a side effect of the failed fruit, all Pleasure members were always smiling and couldn't swim either. They all also have white horns on their heads.

Next are the Waiters, namely soldiers who don't eat Devil Fruits. Their roles in the crew are currently unknown. They were members of a group of experimental creatures while on Punk Hazard and were later bought by Kaido to be recruited.

This group consists of several members, such as Caimanlady from Gifters, and animal cyborgs. Each member has a special mask that allows them to transmit whatever they see or hear to the other members, making them aware of all the events that are happening in Onigashima.

It's impressive that with all of these subgroups and the large crew, Kaido is able to control them all while holding the reins of Wano's power in One Piece. This is really proof that he has the ability to lead the ideal and also he has high confidence in his members.

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