One Piece: Zoro & Kaido Have More in Common Than They Realize

There is an interesting fact about Kaido's Devil Fruit in One Piece, Eiichiro Oda reveals that there is a surprising relationship with Zoro.

Zoro & Kaido Have More in Common Than They Realize

EMPATPAGI.COM-In the manga One Piece Vol. 98, Eiichiro Oda revealed that even though Zoro does not currently have a Devil Fruit, if Zoro does, he will get the Uo Uo no Mi.

The current holder of the Uo Uo no Mi Devil Fruit is Kaido, who is currently busy inviting Big Mom to an alliance against the Straw Hats in the Wano Arc. What does Oda mean by expressing this statement? How could Zoro and Kaido have so many similarities that the two of them could use the Uo Uo no Mi powers?

Zoro &Kaido Have More in Common Than They Realize

Oda probably meant that they both have the same personality. Zoro is rarely involved in silly behavior with his fellow crew members.

He preferred to focus on his training and work hard to become the greatest swordsman in the world. He puts all his focus on the task at hand and rarely deviates from it.

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He could quickly tell the strength of others, and when in battle, he was so passionate about fighting that he would continue to fight even if he knew his opponent was stronger.

Even so, he made sure that other people who weren't involved in the battle would not get hurt because of him. He was also very proud of his skills and abilities in combat. More interesting fact, it seems that the only thing he loves besides his sword is his addiction to alcohol.

Zoro (One Piece)
Zoro (One Piece)

Alcohol is also something Kaido likes. Kaido is usually very arrogant and cruel, but he can change when he starts drinking alcohol. When he's drunk, his personality can change completely, from melancholy to hopeful in seconds.

He also has an ideology of honor when fighting, because he views dying in battle as the noblest way for a person to die. He was just as reckless as Zoro because he wanted to transcend his own inability to die.

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But, again, like Zoro, he knew which fights he didn't need to participate in as well as which to avoid, especially if he recognized someone stronger than him. Despite being evil, Kaido also prefers fair and respectful fights over those that involve trickery.

While Kaido has a physique that can transform into a giant dragon, Zoro has physical abilities that are not equivalent to Kaido's. However, during the interview with Oda, he mentioned another interesting piece of information: if Zoro had the Devil Fruit power of the Uo Uo no Mi, then he would combine it with one of his swords instead of having to consume the fruit itself.

Kaido (Yonko), One Piece
Kaido (Yonko), One Piece

There have been instances in the past of equipment fused with Devil Fruits, so it makes sense that if Zoro got a Devil Fruit he would combine it with his sword.

He would rather have the reputation of being the greatest swordsman in the world than possess Devil Fruit powers by consuming himself. So, Zoro and Kaido may have a lot in common in terms of personalities, but it seems that he doesn't want to become a strong monster that can't be killed and is bored with life, like Kaido.

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