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Studio Ghibli's 7 Best Female Characters, Ranked

Studio Ghibli is known for having tough and knowledgeable female characters. Who could be the best of them all?

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EMPATPAGI.COM- Talking about the heroes in the anime, Studio Ghibli has some of the best characters around. The hero character does not have to always be the savior of the planet, it could be like a survivor in enduring the extraordinary burden of life.

However, of the various female protagonists in Studio Ghibli, which of them is the best? Come on, let's look at the article below!

Studio Ghibli's 7 Best Female Characters, Ranked

7. Anna (When Marnie Was There)

Anna (When Marnie Was There)
Anna, When Marnie Was There

Anna is one of Studio Ghibli's female characters who can draw our sympathy to her. When Marnie Was There is a story about a journey of depression and self-hatred. Anna is the main character who has depression and is depicted throughout the film as a stiff character.

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But all of that is his own way of overcoming insecurity in the world. She may also be one of the few female characters in Studio Ghibli who isn't straight, she has a relationship with Marnie that looks intense, Anna has a crush on Marnie after their first meeting.

6. Haru (The Cat Returns)

Haru, The Cat Returns
Haru, The Cat Returns

Haru is a female character who has magical powers, that is, she can talk to cats. This causes him to stumble down a magic rabbit hole, much like the story Alice in Wonderland. Previously, Haru had saved a cat from a truck crash.

From that incident, he became able to talk to cats. There are also some female Ghibli characters who stumble into the magic rabbit hole, such as Chihiro from Spirited Away.

5. Chihiro (Spirited Away)

Chihiro, Spirited Away
Chihiro, Spirited Away

By the way, Chihiro is a female Ghibli character who stumbles into a magic rabbit hole, her adventures to another world make her experience very fantastic events around her. Actually, Chihiro is basically a spoiled child who can't stand up for himself.

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After his adventure in the other world was over, he received a good appreciation from the world around him. Everyone who comes into contact with him will definitely have a good atmosphere after meeting Chihiro.

4. Taeko (Only Yesterday)

Taeko, Only Yesterday
Taeko, Only Yesterday

Taeko is a female character from Studio Ghibli that viewers can judge herself from two perspectives: as a young girl and the other as a 27-year-old woman.

Taeko's journey back to his hometown and retracing his past memories is one of the most meaningful things in this film, especially when viewed from an adult's perspective.

She is arguably one of Studio Ghibli's adult female characters who come closest to reality because her journey is one of reflection of personal life.

3. Shizuku (Whisper of The Heart)

Shizuku, Whisper of The Heart
Shizuku, Whisper of The Heart

Shizuku is a creative young girl who tries to do something great. In this film, the story focuses on the realm of Shizuku's imagination, Shizuku's journey to create an imaginative world is what makes this film's story so captivating.

The character of Shizuku is very closely related if the audience is a young writer who struggles to come up with ideas, and it feels very emotional when there are other people who respond to this work honestly.

2. Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)

Shizuku, Whisper of The Heart)
Shizuku, Whisper of The Heart

Kiki is a young magician who travels away from home alone for the first time, eventually earning a living as a delivery courier for a local bakery in town.

In this film, we can see that Kiki optimistically does this job while gradually feeling more and more tired because of his failure. The story of this film is one of the most realistic depictions and can be relatable to anyone who watched the film.

1. Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)

Sophie, Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie, Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie is an extraordinary female protagonist. Her adventure seems simple at first: she turns into an old woman, meets the witch Howl, and falls in love. This film tells the story of a journey that forces him to overcome his own feelings of depression and inferiority.

However, what made the character so amazing was that, despite her being an old and weak woman, she was finally able to help end the great war that had occurred.

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