Why Apocalyptic Settings Are Perfect For Video Games

Post-apocalptic games are growing rapidly lately. Here are the reasons behind it all.

Why Apocalyptic Settings Are Perfect For Video Games

EMPATPAGI.COM- As the world of videogames got more and more sophisticated, most AAA developers focused on creating games that offered a huge world to explore.

Many of these videogames take place in post-apocalyptic environments. Although many videogames have post-apocalyptic themes, this setting is actually the best for the gaming industry.

Why Apocalyptic Settings Are Perfect For Video Games

With the peaceful world inhabited by mankind ending, most videogame stories can take on very dark and emotional themes. This is perfect for developers because they can put characters in situations that gamers have never faced.

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The developer can add situations with themes such as betrayal, murder, or conditions where one must sacrifice one life to save hundreds of people.

Games with apocalyptic themes have also provided some of the best characters in the last decade. Joel and Ellie from the videogame series The Last of Us are some of the famous videogame characters with apocalyptic themes. The dynamics in their relationship are very real, and their reactions are also very natural.

Days Gone, PS4
Days Gone, PS4

Another major advantage of videogames in a post-apocalyptic setting is the reduction in the character of the NPCs. This greatly benefits the videogame itself, as it allows developers to spend more time beautifying the world that gamers will live in.

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That's why a game like Days Gone can have such beautiful scenic locations without having to crash the game. Other videogames such as The Division, set in the abandoned city of New York also have this advantage.

Taking a post-apocalyptic theme allows developers to dedicate more time and resources to provide beautiful locations for gamers to explore. Videogames with post-apocalyptic themes can also feature more wildlife in this game which will provide gamers with a unique experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn, PS4
Horizon Zero Dawn, PS4

Videogames like Horizon Zero Dawn feature beautiful, lush environments. However, instead of showing ordinary animals, this game features animals in a kind of techno-organic form. Gamers can also use and interact with these creatures in completing their missions.

Post-apocalyptic games may seem bleak, but games with this theme offer the opportunity to experience different aspects of the world.

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